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5 Workplace Wellness Ideas for Your Office Reopening

Guidelines are changing rapidly

New York has announced that it plans to be fully open by July 1. There is a large push to return employees to office if only a few days out of the week initially. As your company makes this new transition, it will be imperative for you to take elevated health precautions. Not only do you need to consider the obvious issue of mitigating the virus, but also boasting the overall wellness of employees who have just spent more than a year working remotely, isolated from the rest of the team, and likely indulging in bad health habits.

17% of the U.S. population lacks good habits in their daily lives

It is important to recognize that the success of each company is achieved not only though strong, effective processes, but also by the performance of each individual employee. Taking into account their health and wellness is a priority to keep that greatness afloat.

How to achieve workplace wellness

Achieving it might be one of the easiest things you could do and surely your employees will be grateful for your acknowledgement and incentive. Here is a list of 5 ideas for gifts that will promote healthy habits for your employees:

  • Healthy planet, healthy body
    Providing your employees with the necessary tools to lead a more eco-friendly life is something you can do to promote workplace wellness such as a container set to bring snacks. In addition to helping them to lead a balanced life, it can help the planet thanks to its eco-friendly materials. You can also include an eco-friendly bag for grocery shopping and a set of eco-cutlery.
  • The key is to keep moving
    Maybe one of the hardest things of acquiring a new habit is to be consistent at it. But you can be an ally who helps them make it happen. For example, get rid of that same old water bottle and change it up for one that motivates your employees day by day. Customize it with a motivational message and be an accomplice in creating new habits while increasing team spirit at the same time.
  • Wellness is comfortable
    Making your employees feel comfortable is one of the primary ways to achieve workplace wellness. You can make their workspace an ideal place with products that will improve their productivity like a wireless charger for their electronic devices or wireless headphones for video conferences which are sure to be a permanent part of a business day. Even consider slippers for when they are at their desk but are wishing for some of those home comforts that they got used to.
  • Customize wellness
    A good way to achieve the workplace wellness that your company needs is to give your employees a gift that is really thought out for them and nothing speaks better of that than a customizable gift one that every single employee feel is their own to be used daily. The best thing about this is that there are so many options to which you can give a unique touch such as a fleece jacket, blanket, or bag. You can find even more ideas on our website.
  • Relaxing at home
    With the return of the office commute and work’s daily demands, ensuring that employees are properly decompressing at home will be essential. It is no secret that we all enjoy a peaceful, quiet opportunity to relax at the end of a long day. We have incredible options for those of us who depend on these moments.

Maintaining workplace wellness is something we all need to focus on daily. Applying these simple ideas will bring your company closer to each other and reaching optimal performance. No matter what kind of gift you give to your employees, it will be effective if it is a gift designed to provide them with a transformational experience, and above all, improved wellness.

If you need more information or would like to learn more about gifts for your employees, we are here to help you create unique experiences.

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